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United Kingdom Discovery Digest

Illustrated geoscience analyses of drilling activity and
Exploration potential in the UK with supporting well data.

CDL’s UK Discovery Digest, in partnership with Beagle Consultants, keeps users informed and up-to-date with industry-leading exploration and production (E&P) research, data analysis and reporting. Whether you are an established player, new to the UK or new to the oil and gas industry, this subscription delivers in-depth, independent information to help you:

  • Follow activity and results within your core areas and across the UKCS
  • Stay up-to-date with competitors’ activities and licensing rounds
  • Get up-to-date well information, hydrocarbon shows and test data in a consistent and reliable geological setting for over 4,900 wells
  • Get up-to-speed quickly with our library of over 6,700 articles, interpreted well logs and seismic lines, updated continuously

Norway Module:
Get access to our extended library of over
5,200 historical articles, interpreted well logs and seismic lines.

Value-Added Geoscience Intelligence

Our team of geoscience professionals continuously monitors the UKCS by analysing drilling activity and appraisal data provided by the OGA and other reputable authorities. We then leverage our working relationships with external partners and seismic providers to interpret the data and provide detailed geological insights to the industry.

  • Comprehensive Coverage – Our experts track all activity offshore UK
  • Technical Excellence – In-depth analysis and interpretation by seasoned professionals
  • Strategic Partnerships – Interpretation of seismic data acquired through working relationships with numerous providers. In depth analysis of logs, including well correlations and petrophysical summaries, using data available through OGA.

What's Included?

A subscription to the UK Discovery Digest (UKDD) gives you unlimited, company-wide access to our online mapping platform where you can view every UKDD article, seismic line and log with supporting well data. The UK Discovery Digest includes:

Continuous Content

  • Recently completed well reviews
  • Recently released well reviews
  • Licensing round reviews
  • Interpreted well logs
  • Interpreted seismic lines

Periodic Content

  • Play reviews
  • Open acreage evaluations
  • Stratigraphic investigations
  • Onshore exploration
  • Other feature articles

Map Data

  • Well data
  • Monthly spuds, completions and releases
  • Hydrocarbon shows
  • Test data
  • Geology and reservoir distribution
  • Field information


The UK Discovery Digest has helped many large and small E&P companies active in the UKCS get up-to-speed quickly and make better decisions. Our primary users include new and experienced Geoscience professionals and support staff, but these products have also been known to help Engineers and A&D/Finance professionals, amongst others.

Delivery Details

Users can access Digest articles, along with up-to-date well, hydrocarbon and test data, via our online mapping application. The interactive map is designed to provide users with a geological setting for their work with seamless coverage across the UKCS.

  • Map-based Interface – user-friendly, reservoir distribution maps with geology and field information
  • Digital – easy on-screen reading, ready to use illustrations and supporting well data
  • ArcGIS Shapefiles – downloadable module to enhance your in-house databases and workflows
  • Annual Subscription – unlimited company-wide access, anytime from anywhere

A Joint Venture Partnership

The UK Discovery Digest is a joint-venture between Canadian Discovery Ltd. and Beagle Consultants.