Technical Papers & Presentations

Productivity and Recovery: Type Curves and EURs in the Northern Williston Basin

Presented May 2017 at GeoConvention and the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference


Canadian Discovery (CDL) has developed type curves for each of the major unconventional plays in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin (WCSB), which includes the northern (Canadian) part of the Williston Basin. The Midale, Frobisher, Alida, Bakken and Torquay plays are highlighted in this analysis. There is a wide spectrum of ultimate recovery, both within plays and between plays. This talk briefly outlines the methodology behind developing the type curves and forecasting the EURs to map both the EURs and estimated remaining recoverable oil for the highlighted plays in the Canadian portion of the Williston Basin. The spectrum of results within and between plays and some of the reasons behind these results are discussed.