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Canadian Discovery Announces New Premium Subscription Package CDL ONE

CALGARY, AB, CANADA – September 9, 2021 – Canadian Discovery Ltd. (CDL) is pleased to present CDL ONE. CDL ONE combines all of CDL’s subscription products into one simple, web-based service to deliver industry-leading intelligence. The four products comprising CDL ONE are the CDL Digest, Fluid Dynamics Database, Play Metrics, and the Technical Studies Library. Whether undertaking an A&D evaluation or benchmarking completions in the Montney, CDL ONE brings you critical insights to answer the questions vital to your business decisions. Built on 35 years of technical work in the WCSB, CDL ONE is one simple login, one line item, and one location for all of your subsurface investigation needs. Contact CDL to find out how to gain access to the ONE solution to fit your needs.

CDL Digest: Stay geologically and technically informed with industry-leading exploration and production (E&P) research, technical analysis and reporting with CDL's premium Digest publication. The Digest enables geoscience, engineering, land and finance professionals across Western Canada to stay abreast of current exploration, development, completions and engineering trends. The Digest will help save time and reduce costs by doing the reconnaissance work for you, allowing you to focus on your core business. Whether you are an established player, new to Canada or new to the oil and gas industry, the Digest delivers digestible, independent information to help you:

  • Understand the geological and engineering drivers behind Canada's hottest plays, operators and technology
  • Follow activity and results within your core areas and across the entire basin
  • Get up-to-speed quickly with our library of over 2,100 articles and maps
  • Generate insights and create opportunities

Fluid Dynamics Database: Based on 13 integrated Montney reservoir projects, CDL has completed a detailed stratigraphic model of the Montney and placed every producing well into a consistent regional framework. This is combined with quality-controlled reservoir pressure, temperature, gas chemistry, oil chemistry and water chemistry data. Understanding regional trends, production performance and benchmarking is now easier than ever with this dataset. Whether determining liquid yields on new pads or in exploratory zones, or comparing completions across the basin, the Fluid Dynamics Database gives you the data you need to make informed decisions.

Play Metrics: Delivered through CDL’s play evaluation platform Catalyst, Play Metrics is Sproule’s expert opinion on production forecasts and economic parameters for the key resource plays across Western Canada. Utilizing Sproule’s extensive experience in reserve evaluation, wells are forecasted for all pertinent fluids (oil, condensate and gas) with EURs and economics available for all wells in this dataset. This data can be utilized for custom analysis in Catalyst or exported to ValNav for a user specific technical analysis. This information is pivotal in comparing field development strategies, A&D, completions comparison and a multitude of other subsurface investigation projects.

Technical Studies Library: The Technical Studies Library, a product of CDL’s expertise division and Rakhit Petroleum Consulting Ltd. (RPCL), comprises Western Canada’s largest collection of integrated geoscientific projects. Contained within the library are 300+ technical studies conducted over the last 35 years that span the entire Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, Williston Basin and abroad. Topics include: sedimentology, hydrodynamics, structure geology, petrophysics, and fully integrated subsurface evaluations. Whether utilizing the library to gain a broader regional understanding, or making a quick technical analysis, the Technical Studies Library has the information to get you up to speed in new and old asset evaluations to enhance your technical knowledge, understanding and skills to make informed business decisions.

About Canadian Discovery Ltd.
Canadian Discovery Ltd. (CDL) is an independent, global energy information services company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. As world leaders in reservoir- to basin-scale evaluation, we specialize in assessing subsurface properties, pressure, fluid flow, fluid chemistry and geomechanics. CDL’s extensive subsurface knowledge and GIS capabilities support Clean Technologies including Carbon Sequestration and Storage (CCUS), Critical Minerals, Geothermal Energy and Water Disposal and Sourcing Solutions. Our deep understanding of depositional environments and fluid-rock interactions in the subsurface has been CDL’s core competency for nearly 35 years. We are using this foundation to strategically deliver CCUS site identification, Critical Mineral and Deep Geothermal assessments to clients world-wide.