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Canadian Discovery Completes NE BC Geological Carbon Capture and Storage Atlas in British Columbia

CALGARY, AB, CANADAFebruary 2, 2023 – Canadian Discovery Ltd. (CDL) has completed the Northeast BC Geological Carbon Capture and Storage Atlas, recently published by Geoscience BC in partnership with the BC Hydrogen Office and the Centre for Innovation and Clean Energy (CICE).

CDL used its 35+ years of subsurface expertise in geological and hydrogeological assessments to provide an initial assessment of carbon storage potential in deep saline aquifers, depleted and nearly depleted gas pools in northeastern British Columbia. The Atlas provides a discussion of the geological framework with accompanying reservoir information in the form of graphs, maps and storage potential calculations to inform discussion and decisions about potential carbon capture and storage projects. Research now available includes a final report, PDF maps, shapefiles and depleted pool and aquifer data that can be downloaded from the Geoscience BC website project page.

CDL’s research found that over 66 years of British Columbia’s greenhouse gas emissions could potentially be stored in formations in northeastern BC. We have estimated that 4,230 megatonnes (Mt) of carbon dioxide could potentially be stored in formations across northeastern British Columbia in saline aquifers and depleted/nearly depleted gas pools.

“We at Canadian Discovery are delighted to have been selected to construct the Northeast BC Geological Carbon Capture and Storage Atlas. The Atlas leverages over three decades of CDL’s subsurface knowledge in reservoir characterization, hydrodynamics and geothermics. Getting the Atlas compiled and published in less than six months was a monumental task that shines a spotlight on our talented CCUS team of geoscientists, engineers, GIS specialists and graphic artists. This project provides an ideal model for early collaboration with the community, regulators and industry to inform the public and policy makers of CCUS opportunities.” said Kaush Rakhit, Executive Chairman of CDL.

The Northeast BC Geological Carbon Capture and Storage Atlas is one of CDL’s many carbon storage and clean technology solutions across North America. CDL has partnered with TGS to complete multiple projects including a Carbon Capture Storage Assessment Atlas covering British Columbia, Canada, as well as Carbon AXIOM, an online tool designed to screen and assess depleted oil and gas pools for suitability to sequester CO2 across southeastern Texas, southern Louisiana and southern Mississippi. In 2021, CDL finished a regional geological and hydrogeological project to assess CO2 opportunities in the Calgary region Siksika Hub, and initiated a Deep Saline Aquifer CO2 Sequestration study in Alberta. Currently, CDL is involved in a lithium brine-formation water database project in collaboration with Geoscience BC and Matrix Solutions.

Online Open House

The CDL team will be discussing the Northeast BC Geological Carbon Capture and Storage Atlas at an upcoming online open house hosted by Geoscience BC on February 23, 2023 from 12:00 to 1:00pm Pacific Time; register here. CDL will also be presenting three technical talks at the SPE Canadian Energy Technology Conference and Exhibition, GeoConvention 2023 and the Acid Gas Injection Symposium.

CCUS Webinar Series

CDL will present a webinar on the Northeast BC Geological Carbon Capture and Storage Atlas on March 22, 2023 at 9:30am. This webinar is part of the CCUS Webinar Series, a CDL initiative dedicated to understanding the knowledge and innovation occurring in Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage. Visit to view our past webinars and to register for any upcoming webinars, or contact Christa Williams at if you are interested on being a guest speaker.

About Canadian Discovery Ltd.
Canadian Discovery Ltd. (CDL) is an independent, global energy information services company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. As world leaders in reservoir- to basin-scale evaluation, we specialize in assessing subsurface properties, pressure, fluid flow, fluid chemistry and geomechanics. CDL’s extensive subsurface knowledge and GIS capabilities support Clean Technologies including Carbon Sequestration and Storage (CCUS), Critical Minerals, Geothermal Energy and Water Disposal and Sourcing Solutions. Our deep understanding of depositional environments and fluid-rock interactions in the subsurface has been CDL’s core competency for over 35 years. We are using this foundation to strategically deliver CCUS site identification, Critical Mineral and Deep Geothermal assessments to clients world-wide.

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