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Canadian Discovery Completes NEBC Lithium-Formation Water Database Study

CALGARY, AB, CANADA – March 7, 2024 – After three years of development, Canadian Discovery Ltd. (CDL) has successfully completed the Northeast BC Lithium-Formation Water Database. A first of its kind in BC, this study extends the understanding of lithium resources of the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. This study was recently published by Geoscience BC, in collaboration with Matrix Solutions Inc., LithiumBank, Natural Resources Canada, and Northern Development.

CDL used its extensive subsurface expertise in geology, hydrogeology and water chemistry to identify the lithium concentrations throughout 12 geological formation water brines across northeast British Columbia (NEBC). The results of this study indicated areas and formations with elevated lithium concentrations, and will inform a variety of organizations, Indigenous groups, local communities, and governments looking to advance further development and investment in the natural resource sector.

"By understanding lithium concentrations in subsurface brines, we start to pave the way to aid predictability, development and economic viability of this critical mineral. This not only leverages existing infrastructure and expertise in ongoing operations but also fosters job creation and spurs development in an emerging industry. CDL’s subsurface expertise helps our clients unlock the sustainable energy solutions of tomorrow while driving economic growth and opportunity today" said Rob Pockar, CEO of CDL.  

For this study, formation waters (subsurface brines) were sampled from existing natural gas and oil well infrastructure in NEBC to analyze for lithium concentration and other critical minerals. Prior to this study, lithium content in subsurface brines had only been publicly reported from a handful of wells within the public domain. This sparse dataset sparked the need to understand the lithium concentration through a range of geological formations to help better understand the conditions driving lithium-enrichment.

A total of 133 samples were obtained in NEBC through the sampling program; the observed lithium concentrations ranged from negligible up to 100 milligrams per litre (mg/L). Findings within the Montney Formation allowed the determination of an in situ lithium resource and suggested that extracting lithium from the brines in conjunction with fluids produced with natural gas development in this region could be economically viable. This study includes a final report with PDF maps, shapefiles and water chemistry data that can be downloaded from the Geoscience BC website project page.

Exciting technical discussions are underway to delve into the project's discoveries, research, obstacles and achievements. These engaging talks will be showcased virtually at CDL's Evolving Energy Webinar in March, and in person at the highly anticipated GeoConvention 2024 in Calgary.

Evolving Energy Webinar Series
CDL and Geoscience BC plan to co-present a webinar on the Northeast BC Lithium-Formation Water Database on March 26, 2024. This webinar is part of CDL’s new Evolving Energy Webinar Series (a spin-off of CDL’s renowned CCUS Webinar Series) that will explore the trends and innovations in the energy sector, including sustainability initiatives and renewable energy. Head over to to catch up on our past webinars and sign up for future sessions. Interested in sharing your expertise as a guest speaker? Contact Christa Williams at to discuss future opportunities.

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