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Western Canada’s Largest Collection of
Integrated Geoscientific Projects

With over $30 million invested to date, Canadian Discovery's Technical Studies library represents a unique and invaluable resource for the E&P industry. From full petroleum systems and basin analysis, to basin hydrogeology and petroleum migration modeling, along with unconventional resource play assessment and play-specific analysis, this collection encompasses virtually every play and area in the WCSB, Williston Basin and beyond!

  • Hundreds of Relevant Projects – Extensive coverage of virtually every play and area across the WCSB, Williston Basin and beyond!
  • Varying Scope – Full petroleum systems and basin analysis, basin hydrogeology and petroleum migration modelling, unconventional resource play assessment and play-specific analysis.
  • Recognized Expertise – CDL is a long-standing leader in the identification and assessment of unconventional petroleum resources. Until 2005, when it purchased and merged with CDL, RPCL was a world-renowned, international hydrodynamics consultancy.

Gather Intelligence. Evaluate Specific Opportunities.
Refine Your Exploration & Development Strategies.

Unrivalled Technical Depth

  • Reservoir Characterization – stratigraphy, facies, core, SEM/XRD, cross-sections, isopach and structure maps
  • Petrophysics – models, interpreted logs, net reservoir, porosity, water saturation and resource maps
  • Hydrogeology – pressure, fluid chemistry, geothermics, hydraulic systems, edges, migration modelling
  • Geochemistry – TOC, Tmax, wet gas indices, liquids yields, acid gases, oil gravity/viscosity
  • Production – mapping, horizontal vs vertical, identification of perforated intervals
  • Geomechanics/Stress – fracture analysis, stress gradient mapping, drilling and completion analysis
  • Geophysics – interpretation, seismic model integration

Extensive Coverage Across the WCSB, Williston Basin, and Beyond!

Hot Plays and Topics

  • WCSB Gas Liquids & Light Oil Fairways
  • Basin Workshops and Overviews
  • Regional Atlases
  • Bakken / Three Forks / Midale
  • Cardium
  • Deep Basin
  • Duvernay / Muskwa
  • Montney / Doig
  • Viking

Resource Expertise

  • Tight Oil, Shale Oil
  • Tight Gas, Shale Gas
  • Deep Basin / Basin-Centered Gas
  • Pervasive Shallow Biogenic Gas Deposits
  • Coalbed Methane
  • Oil Sands / Heavy Oil
  • Conventional Oil & Gas

Access CDL Technical STudies

CDL ONE combines all of Canadian Discovery's subscription products into one simple, web-based service to deliver industry-leading intelligence. The four products comprising CDL ONE are the CDL Digest, Fluid Dynamics Database, Play Metrics, and the Technical Studies Library.

All technical studies are also available for individual purchase. Contact us for pricing details. A Full study purchase is required to download/print reports and to access working files/data.