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Granite Wash Hydrogeology I

Red Earth, Otter & Evi, AB



June 1993

Light Oil
Red Earch, Otter & Evi, AB

This study provides a consistent and integrated analysis of the structural, depositional and hydrodynamic controls on oil entrapment in the middle Devonian Granite Wash, Keg River and Muskeg clastics. This study may be used to refine existing exploration programs, initiate new exploration programs, improve development/exploitation of existing pools, and evaluate acquisition, farm-in and farm-out opportunities. The study is based on detailed correlation of over 1350 well logs, 1470 DSTs, 1900 fluid analysis and production data from 180 pools.

The study is presented in four sections:

• Regional geology.
• Regional hydrogeology.
• Pool and prospect evaluation.
• Reservoir production trend analysis.

The regional depositional model suggests that the dominant control on sedimentation patterns is large, basin wide scale extensional black tectonics. Regional hydrogeologic analysis suggests that the Duvernay shales are the source of all Middle Devonian clastic reservoir oils in the Peace River Arch area, the main source area is south of southwest of the study area, highly permeable hydraulically continuous Upper Granite Wash sands are the main migration fairways for hydrocarbons into the study area, and Basal Muskeg and Keg River sands were charged with oils via the Upper Granite Wash in areas of hydraulic continuity. Five main play types/trapping mechanisms are recognized. This study indicates that considerable exploration potential exists in the area with a number of large pools yet to be discovered. Furthermore, reservoir production trend analysis suggests that current production practices may be changed to optimize recovery factors through downspacing and pressure maintenance. Under-exploited reservoirs with considerable upside potential may be good acquisition targets.