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November 16, 2022

Benefits of Injecting Carbon Dioxide into Coal Seams

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Webinar Synopsis

This talk will discuss the environmental and social benefits to both customers and communities of injecting carbon dioxide into coal seams. Carbon GeoCapture (CGC) has revitalized an old approach to putting carbon dioxide back where it came from – into coal seams that will never be mined. Unconventional rocks, like coal beds and shale, occur widely, underlying most of the world’s land mass. These carbon sinks are more widely distributed and occur at shallower depths than conventional reservoirs (including sandstone and carbonate). Injecting carbon dioxide into coal and shale unlocks massive carbon sequestration potential at a greater scale and at a cost lower than previously imagined. Coals act like carbon filters, preferentially absorbing CO2 and thereby reducing the cost of carbon capture and cleanup considerably. CGC’s process is designed to be a closed loop to preserve water and energy and protect aquifers. This process is safe, easily monitored and controlled using their proprietary sensing technology, and permanent. This process is suitable for use anywhere in the world where coal occurs.

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Presenter Bio

John M. Pope, Ph.D., currently serves as President & Chief Executive Officer of Carbon GeoCapture, a company he founded in 2016. An engineer and serial entrepreneur with a strong desire to make a difference. He founded the Blue Sky Group that serves as an umbrella for his various ventures. They include: Blue Sky Batteries, a company focused on developing nanostructured battery materials; NDC Power, a company that developed a direct ethanol fuel cell; and,WellDog, a technical services company that enables oil, gas, and mining companies to increase production while reducing costs and greenhouse gas emissions.