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February 28, 2023

Carbon Sequestration in Cambrian Quartzites: Outcrop Analogues

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Webinar Synopsis

Seize the opportunity to learn about CCS projects around the world, the characteristics of a Cambrian quartzite and why they make such good CCS targets. We plan to include some virtual field stops to give you a better feel for the rocks that, like the Hotel California, let carbon dioxide check in but (hopefully) never leave.

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Presenter Bio

Jon Noad graduated in 1985 and started working as a mining geologist in South Africa. He returned to the UK to work in marine cable laying and completed a Masters in Sedimentology at evening classes. This led to a full time PhD, working in eastern Borneo, after which he joined Shell International working Middle East exploration and in several production roles. He moved to Shell Canada in Calgary in 2006, followed by senior geoscience roles at Murphy, Husky and Gran Tierra (Colombia). Jon started a consultancy in 2017 and ran field trips and courses for industry as well as teaching at several universities. He now works as Senior Palaeontologist for Stantec, undertaking site monitoring for new pipelines and construction projects.