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October 11, 2023

CO2 Capture: Current Progress and Future Trends

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Webinar Synopsis

Join CDL’s Vice President of Decarbonization, Matt Scorah, as he presents our first CCUS Webinar of fall 2023. In this webinar, Matt will:

  • Review the current status of CO2 capture technologies and their applicability in industrial settings
  • Discuss the cost of CO2 capture technologies and their relative importance to CCUS project development
  • Present future trends and challenges for CO2 capture technologies
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Presenter Bio

Matt has over 20 years of business and technical experience working in the fields of decarbonization, energy, fuels, and petrochemicals. Prior to joining Canadian Discovery, he was the Chief Technology Officer at Nauticol Energy leading initiatives focused on the generation of low-carbon sources of hydrogen, energy and other products employing such technologies as electrolysis, syngas production, and Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS). Apart from his technical background, Matt has worked on multiple fronts of project development including financing, commercial, regulatory, public engagement, and project management. Throughout his career, Matt has led teams and delivered projects as a consultant, owner, engineering contractor and academic, giving him insight into how to improve collaboration and ensure a successful outcome for all parties. He has a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Ottawa and a Doctorate in Philosophy degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Waterloo, specializing in polymer production and characterization.