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March 26, 2024

Northeast BC Lithium-Formation Water Database

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Webinar Synopsis

The NEBC Lithium Formation Water Database joint study, conducted by Canadian Discovery and Matrix Solutions Inc. for Geoscience BC, strives to deliver a lithium and other dissolved minerals and metals brine database through a large-scale sampling program undertaken in northeastern British Columbia. No such research has previously been conducted in NEBC despite similar, and in some respects more favourable, geologic conditions for the emplacement of lithium-enriched brines than in neighbouring Alberta and Saskatchewan. Don't miss out on the chance to explore the exciting findings with Canadian Discovery Executive Chairman, Kaush Rakhit and Geoscience BC Manager, Energy and Water Randy Hughes in this exclusive webinar.

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Presenter Bio

Kaush Rakhit received his bachelor’s degree from U of Waterloo and master’s from U of A, after which he started Rakhit Petroleum Consulting. Rakhit and now CDL developed into a unique worldwide consultancy in basin hydrogeology, fluid chemistry and geothermics. A consummate entrepreneur, Kaush has been the co-founder and director of numerous companies, including Matrix Solutions, Kinwest Resources, Seven Generations Energy and Kiwetinohk Energy. Having recently handed over the CEO baton, Kaush is going back to his hydro roots and supporting CDL’s pivot into CCS, Critical Minerals and Geothermal.

Randy Hughes has 40 years of energy industry experience including oil and gas exploration, development, and unconventional resource development, most recently as a Geoscience Specialist with a natural gas producer developing northeastern British Columbia’s Montney Play. He became a volunteer member of Geoscience BC’s Energy-Resources Technical Advisory Committee in March 2018. Since 2020 Randy has been the Manager, Energy and Water for Geoscience BC, providing project management for a wide range of energy themes in BC including carbon capture & storage, natural gas fingerprinting & cataloguing, geothermal, surface and subsurface water use & storage, ground motion, induced seismicity & seismic monitoring, emissions mapping, and lithium brine mapping.  Randy holds a B.Sc. in Geology from the University of Calgary and is a member of the Canadian Energy Geoscience Association, Society of Petroleum Engineers, and the Canadian Society for Evolving Energy.