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June 8, 2022

Underground Carbon Sequestration: Understanding the Subsurface Challenges and Solutions

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Webinar Synopsis

This talk will discuss the complexities associated with underground carbon storage (CCUS) operations including the physics and trapping mechanisms, geomechanical, and geochemical effects. It will also explore how simulation tools and workflows are being applied in CCUS projects around the world for planning and monitoring operations.

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Presenter Bio

Jeremy is an Account Executive with Computer Modelling Group based out of Canada.  Over the last 13 years, he has supported the technical challenges and efforts of the ever-evolving Canadian energy landscape.  After graduating from the Colorado School of Mines, Jeremy worked as a Reservoir Engineer where he supported and led projects on a wide range of disciplines including unconventional operations, SAGD and thermal, CCUS, CO2 EOR, and geomechanics before moving to an Account Management role about 9 years ago. His current focus is in supporting the application of solutions to novel technologies, integrated production and subsurface modelling, oil and gas operations, and energy transitional environments (including CCUS, geothermal, hydrogen, etc.).