Sep 13, 2021

GeoConvention 2021 (Virtual)

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Join us at virtual GeoConvention 2021! Learn about CDL's latest Clean Technology initiatives and what we've been up to in 2021. Take in the technical talks (see CDL’s talks below), do some networking and visit our booth in the exhibit hall for live chats, demos and free giveaways!

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Technical Talks and Presentations

BC Central Montney Fluid Dynamics and Liquids Production

The objective of this analysis is to link regional fluid dynamics trends to liquids production in the BC Montney from Septimus to Dawson.

Hydrodynamics in the Llanos Basin, Colombia

This presentation will outline the theory and workflow involved in identifying, mapping and predicting hydrodynamically tilted OWCs...

Hydrodynamics, Deep Basin Systems and Exploring Downhole Geochemical Interactions in Unconventional Reservoirs: An Introduction

The purpose of this presentation is to introduce the topic of hydrodynamics and discuss its role in helping to predict areas with a higher risk of...

Petro-Lithium and Helium Resources of Western Canada: The State of the Basin

The presentation provides an overview of the importance of lithium and helium, specifically why these elements will have an increasing role to play...

2020-21 Western Canada Activity Review: The Patch in the Time of COVID

A synopsis of drilling, completion, and land sale activity across the WCSB in 2020 and the first half of 2021.