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Consulting Services

For 35 years, Canadian Discovery Ltd. (CDL) has worked with clients to explore new basins, optimize operations and assess opportunities in Western Canada, the U.S. and around the world. We specialize in integrating hydrodynamics with geothermics, geochemistry and geology, and have completed over 350 projects for more than 100 clients. CDL’s subsurface knowledge and GIS capabilities support Clean Technologies including CCUS site identification, Deep Geothermal and Critical Mineral assessments.

Clean Technology

CDL's deep understanding of depositional environments and fluid interactions in the subsurface has been our core competency for 35 years and we are using this foundation to strategically deliver CCUS site identification, Deep Geothermal and Critical Mineral assessments to clients world-wide.

Petroleum Hydrodynamics

CDL has developed a unique perspective on the factors controlling basinal hydrogeology. By focusing on subsurface fluid dynamics as they relate to basin evolution and its impact on fluid composition, petroleum hydrodynamics have become a key component of an integrated exploration and development program.

Why Hydrodynamics?

Understanding how fluids (oil, gas, water) interact with rock environments is critical to oil & gas exploration and development. By relating subsurface fluid dynamics to basin evolution and fluid composition in a reservoir, hydrodynamics provides early recognition of resource plays and associated sweet spots. It also leads to increased resolution of transition zones to reduce the risk of water and the ability to identify by-passed oil with tilted oil/water contact analysis

Upper Middle Montney Pressure-Depth Ratio from CDL's Montney Hydrodynamics Project III

What We Offer

Unconventional Resources Application

  • Correlate pressure to storage
  • Correlate pressure to rates and recovery
  • Determine overpressure zones with lower probability of water

Conventional Applications

  • Calculate gas/oil/water contacts—including tilted oil/water contacts
  • Determine fluid densities at reservoir condition
  • Map reservoir continuity and permeability barriers
  • Interpret geological trends


  • Pressure/depth ratio maps
  • Pressure/elevation graphs (including liquids distribution)
  • Hydraulic head maps
  • Play fairway maps highlighting exploration opportunities
  • Isotherm maps
  • Geothermal gradient maps
  • Wet gas index and liquids yield maps
  • Temperature/depth graphs

Our Experience

CDL and Rakhit Petroleum Consulting Ltd. have spent over 30 years building a proprietary library comprising over 195 hydrodynamics studies and aiding clients in nearly 20 countries around the world.

Representative hydrodynamics studies available for purchase:

Integrated Geosciences

CDL has spent 35 years developing an unrivalled understanding of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, from broad regional picture to pad or well level detail. CDL has worked basins in the U.S., U.K., South America, Africa and the Middle East. The combination of our depth and breadth of experience enables us to provide timely, cost-effective integrated geoscience consulting services and expertise on demand.

Why Integrated Geosciences?

CDL recognizes that oil & gas success begins with good rock and the right fluids. Integrating hydrodynamics, geothermics, geochemistry and geology can reduce risk and maximizes results by identifying sweet spots, revealing new plays and improving asset valuations.

What We Offer

Resource Play Expertise

Regional and Detailed Studies from Reservoir to Basin Scale

  • Hydrodynamics—fluid dynamics, fluid composition, pressure
  • Geothermics—thermal history, pressure, phase behaviour
  • Geochemistry—source rock maturation, migration, expulsion efficiency
  • Geology—storage, permeability, rock quality

Reservoir Characterization

Expertise on Demand

Exploration and Development Prospecting

  • Hydrogeology
  • Log and core-based high resolution stratigraphy
  • Geochemistry
  • Structural geology
  • Reservoir engineering
  • Geomechanics
  • Petrophysics

Our Experience

Conventional and unconventional play studies:

  • Tight gas, shale gas
  • Tight oil, shale oil
  • Deep basin/basin-centered gas
  • Pervasive shallow biogenic gas deposits
  • Coalbed methane
  • Oil sands, heavy oil

Data Solutions

CDL's data solutions help you to better access, integrate and analyze oil & gas data. We offer a unique blend of data management, data capture, engineering analysis and related expertise to help you minimize costs and maximize results. Our extensive history and experience of developing critical oil and gas datasets include the Well Completions & Frac Database, GeoFluids and the Fluid Dynamics Database.

Why Data Solutions?

In today’s highly competitive E&P environment, it’s all about producing more barrels for fewer dollars. With drilling and completions (D&C) operations consuming close to 70% of capital expenditures, and generating massive amounts of data, leveraging all available information to make better decisions represents an enormous opportunity.

What We Offer

Data Management and High-Grading

  • Data screening
  • QA/QC of existing electronic datasets
  • Play validity
    Vetting of drilling locations

Electronic Data Capture from Hard Copy or Raster

  • Proprietary/consortia database design and/or entry
  • Mining of public datasets
  • Engineering analysis including operational, efficiency and problem analysis

Data Hosting

  • Secure online delivery
  • Web applications and/or ODBC direct streaming

Analytics and/or Reports

  • Summary of key observations
  • Benchmarking and trend analysis
  • Multivariate statistics and/or regression analysis to determine optimal paths for success

Our Experience

Resource plays and international application and database Expertise:

M&A Technical Assessments

For clients seeking merger & acquisition (M&A) opportunities, CDL is uniquely positioned with the right datasets and deep knowledge to deliver technical assessments for Western Canada. We have spent 35 years building an unrivalled understanding of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin from broad regional picture to in-depth analysis. Our extensive in-house libraries and datasets enable us to quickly and cost-effectively validate geological context, benchmark results and assess best practices.

Why Technical Assessments for M&A?

Knowing where to engage and what to avoid in M&A directly translates into increased rates of return (ROR) on investment. CDL geological, production and economic technical assessments can help identify and assess opportunities for your investment portfolio. These assessments reduce risk and evaluate upside of potential acquisitions.

What We Offer

Geological Assessments

  • Reservoir characterization
  • Play validity
  • Vetting of drilling locations

Economic Assessments

  • Cost assumption verification
  • Processing and takeaway capacity

Production Assessments

  • Type curve verification
  • By-product yields

Due Diligence

  • To “truth” inputs for major decisions
  • Presentation and report

Our Experience

CDL has experience assisting financial firms, A&D and investment houses, operators and international energy players.

Expertise You Can Trust

CDL has been trusted by over 300 organizations world-wide from finance firms to major operators.