Data Services

As a known innovator, Canadian Discovery (CDL) specializes in high-graded datasets for Western Canada, including the development of the Well Completions & Frac Database. Our data is carefully compiled and analyzed by skilled professionals, and our geological plays are mapped by seasoned experts with target zones confirmed for every well.

CDL is developing a Fluid Dynamics Database using our intelligent data capture and screening methods that have been defined by our skilled team of geologists, engineers and analysts. This database currently comprises quality-controlled pressure, fluid and temperature data for the Montney that is becoming an increasingly critical part of the analytics workflow for engineers and geoscientists. In addition, we are excited to offer Play Metrics, an unbiased, expert opinion of production profiles and economic parameters for the key resources plays across Western Canada. When used in combination with our well and production data, CDL’s datasets provide unmatched analytical capabilities.

Geological Plays

CDL has a deep-rooted history in geology that we’re able to apply directly to our data offerings. Because we continuously track and maintain our geological plays, both our external clients and internal analysts are able to quickly and effectively group, compare and/or contrast wells.

CDL tracks all currently producing formations in Western Canada using about 200 aggregated plays. These broader plays are then further segmented into approximately 500 detailed plays for type curve development.

CDL's geological plays and well-by-well play assignments are included in our data offerings and embedded in all reports that we produce.

Well & Production Data

CDL provides high-graded well and production data in support of our other datasets. We continuously consolidate operators, clean up producing zones and standardize other outputs. We also deliver a range of calculated metrics, such as IPmax and IP90, to support optimal decisions.

Our western Canada well and production data includes:

  • Activity—licences, spuds
  • Well data—header information, operator, producing zone, dates
  • Production data—IPs, monthly rates, cums

We also have access to extensive geological, engineering, land, facilities and pipeline data for Western Canada and beyond through additional data partners. This data is used in our reports and supports our consulting services.