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Play Metrics Analysis

Quickly and accurately identify discrete opportunities for key resource plays across western Canada.

Determine volumes and economics, and benchmark results between companies, areas, and vintage to understand if your investments are measuring up.

Discovering Value has Never Been Faster

Play Metrics is an expert opinion of production profiles and economic parameters for the key resource plays across Western Canada. It is available only through Canadian Discovery’s online, intuitive play evaluation platform for complex oil and gas data.

Play Metrics analysis is the basis for all strategic decisions from transactions to asset planning. Play Metrics helps you forecast future cash flow from key resource plays using the full suite of half-cycle economic inputs.

It's All in the Data

Play Metrics Analysis includes access to CDL's highgraded activity, well and production data, as well as our geological plays that are mapped by seasoned experts. Data includes:

  • Capital costs
  • Operating costs
  • Liquid yields by product
  • Price offsets by product
  • Royalty model
  • Surface loss
  • Well design and completion type
  • Heating value
  • Abandonment and reclamation costs
  • Suite of type curves by geologic play
  • Individual well EURs

Data Integration

Contact us to learn how you can load all data directly into your favourite applications and in-house databases with CDL Connect.