Technical Papers & Presentations

Marten Hills Clearwater Formation: Controls on Oil Quality

Presented September 2020 at GeoConvention

The Marten Hills-Nipisi Clearwater heavy oil play has seen rapid growth in production over the last three years...

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Using Fluid Dynamics Data for Regional to Reservoir-Level Data Analysis

Presented May 2020 at the TGS Well Data Summit

This presentation discusses the shift in methodologies in the interpretation of “fluid dynamics” data when transitioning from regional prospecting and

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What’s hydrodynamics done for me lately? Select case studies from the Conventional and Unconventional Montney Formation

Presented May 2019 at GeoConvention

In this presentation, we use several case studies from the Montney Formation to exemplify how the application of hydrodynamics has evolved as...

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Differentially Stuck

Presented May 2019 at GeoConvention

This analysis highlights the trends and geological zones that industry pursued in 2018...

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Western Canada Frac Sand Forecast 2018-22

September 2018

CDL’s updated Frac Sand Forecast 2018-2022 is a ground-up analysis of historical frac sand usage and forecast of future trends. Each of the major...

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Is This the New Normal?

Presented May 2018 at GeoConvention

This presentation provides a geoscientific and well completions overview of 2017 activity, production results and trends.

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Profitability Variation in Viking Oil Plays

Published March 2018 in the Discovery Digest

The profitability of Viking oil plays is compared using the Sproule Play Metrics module in Canadian Discovery’s Catalyst Play Evaluation Platform...

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Cardium Oil Play Metrics

Published November 2017 in the Discovery Digest; Updated March 15, 2018

How do the plays in Western Canada stack up against one another? Using the Sproule Play Metrics module in Canadian Discovery’s Catalyst Play...

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